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Album Cover: Good Luck

Latest Release – “GOOD LUCK”

Find Girls Guns & Glory on iTunes.

Album Cover: Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

Order an autographed copy of the album Sweet Nothings from Lonesome Day Records.


Album Cover: Inverted Valentine

Inverted Valentine

Album Cover: Pretty Little Wrecking Ball

Pretty Little Wrecking Ball


3 thoughts on “Store

  1. Seen You you in Andover on Saturday Night June 23rd, what a great job you guys did and it was nice to see that Jeff and Steve did a great job getting you guys setup there in Andover. Would like to know how much you charge for a evening would be ever interested in getting for a couple gigs down the road either for a Birthday Party or just a good evening with great Guys and music.Thak You for a wonderful evening in Andover CT and thanks to Jeff and Steve. Warn, Paul, Chris and your drumer who I forgot, Sorry

    Lenny Weir

  2. Another great cd guys!
    But INVERTED VALINTINE (( has got to be one of the best works out there!))
    Right up there with Chris Issaks Mr lucky …
    Great job guys!!!

  3. I saw them perform in Portsmouth NH Saturday night, October 26th. I was blown away by the talent and stage presence they showed. I am an instant fan that will be sure to see them perform again and again!

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