Girls Guns and Glory

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Press Quotes

One of Rolling Stone’s “10 New Artists You Need To Know” – “Modern-day Buddy Holly plus Dwight Yoakam divided by the Mavericks…Think-y, soulful lyrics paired with a beat you can dance to.” —Rolling Stone

“Imagine Lyle Lovett and Chris Isaak paying tribute to classic American rock n’ roll from Elvis, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison.” —The Boston Herald

“Easily Boston’s most innovative genre act not called the Dropkick Murphys…Call them the best band I expect to break through in the new year in any genre.” —Hear, Hear!

“Girls Guns & Glory had a smooth, authentic Honky Tonk/early Rock & Roll vibe that was incredibly endearing. The group won over this packed house at Mr. Pitiful’s in less that half a verse, no lie” —City Beat (Cincinnati, OH)

“This incredible country album (Sweet Nothings) channels the very best of what makes classic country “classic”, yet the modern production is crisp and clear. Girls Guns and Glory could easily make a transition to gazillion-selling, overproduced, contemporary county stars, but for now their integrity remains intact and this is one of the best country albums released in 2011″ —Yahoo Music (The Best Albums of 2011)

“Ward Hayden and company bring traditional honky-tonk country and Americana into a modern country rock setting, melding Yoakam-esque vocals with the most uncompromising musicianship you’ll find outside the confines of Nashville.” —Pop Matters (Top 10 Country Albums of 2011)

“With all this strum and twang, it’s hard to believe Hayden – who recalls smooth talkers like Chris Isaak and Dwight Yoakam, with a dash of Buddy Holly’s jumpy, hiccupy style – hails from Scituate and not the South….Girls Guns and Glory demonstrates a mastery of moods and roots styles that transcends regional boundaries.” —The Boston Globe

“In Ward Hayden, the band has a singer and songwriter of rare talent. He is equally as adept at rockers as tear jerking ballads. Vocally, he is as far removed from the run of the mill singer who seem to be ten a penny in Nashville at the moment…(but) this is a real band effort, culminating in what I confidently predict will be my album of the year.” —Country Music People Magazine (5 out of 5 Stars)

“”There’s a lot of buzz about these guys – and with some good reasons. Sometimes, the critics actually do know what they are talking about…”” —Music News Nashville

“‘All The Way Up To Heaven'” lifts the bar with easy strumming twang as love is promised with an obvious honesty in Ward’s pin-up star vocals” —  The alternate Root

“With literally thousands of bands performing at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin this past March, it can be near impossible for a group to stand out. Girls Guns and Glory didn’t have that problem.”        —  Country weekly

“…this Boston-based band does serve up its share of balls-out rockers, the edgier offerings are tastefully intertwined between an equal number of frayed ballads, allowing the emotions to ricochet between triumph and tragedy.” —Country standard time

“Hayden’s signature mournful emotion…rings true on the slower ‘It’s Your Choice’ and ‘One of These Days.’ You feel the sincerity in his voice, and the rest of the band backs him up in perfect step. Nowhere is this more true than on the lead single and album opener ‘All The Way Up to Heaven.’ Girls Guns and Glory is a true original. They don’t have to mimic any other artist. They have a sound that’s all their own.” —Nine

“Ward Hayden, singer and songwriter, sings with a timeless voice that recalls Roy Orbison, Dwight Yoakam, Chris Isaak and Hank Williams rolled into one yet somehow doesn’t sound derivative….”Good Luck” is my springtime-porch sitting-beer drinking-friends over-album of the year.” —No

“A dynamic and dynamite night of alt-country…You won’t want to miss.”
-Washington Post

“The Boston country combo Girls Guns and Glory was tearing it up inside. Like countless other bands, they didn’t have an official showcase, yet they managed to scrounge up eight shows to get their music out there.”-CMT Edge



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  1. Hello Guys…met you all at Irish Pub in Gettysburg, Pa..( Gary Owen Irish Pub)..This coming Sunday..
    11/18/…you were going to sing National Anthem at Patriots/Colts game…Good Luck!!
    Could you get us into the game??..My daughter is in love w/ the Pats..and of course..
    so are my wife and I..Thought it might be a long shot..but thought I’d give it a try..4 tickets??..we’d stand on the field..whatever…Hope to hear from you…Jeff( Tennis Pro)

    1. Hey Jeff, Thanks for getting in touch. We had one extra ticket to the game that we put up on our pledgemusic campaign to raise funds for our van rental in Europe at the end of the month.
      That one ticket got snapped up pretty quickly by an eager GGG/Pats fan. I wish we had more tickets and could bring everyone along.

      Great to meet you in Gettysburg and hope to see you at a show again soon. -Ward