Friday, January 6th, 2017

#1 Country Album in Norway!!

I gotta be honest, we love Norway!!

We had the pleasure of touring in Norway last year, which was a blast and was a true highlight of the year. And we are very excited that we’ll be returning to Norway in October of 2017 to tour behind our new album, “Love and Protest”.

We got the news last week and wanted to be sure to share it with you that Love and Protest was ranked as the #1 Country Album of 2017 in Norway. How cool is that?

#1 Country Album

We even managed to find out way onto the Top 20 Albums Overall, landing at #5. We couldn’t be happier and truly can’t wait to return in 2017.

We’re in the process of booking our next European tour for Oct/Nov 2017, so be sure to stay tuned. We hope to release the full schedule of dates in the next few weeks.