Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Project Funded!!

What a great way to start making a record. This is the first album that we have ever fan funded and the experience has been, in a word, inspiring.

To date we have received such an incredible outpouring of support behind this album: 301 individual pledges and we’re reached 113% of our goal. How awesome is that?

Making an analog album these days is an expensive undertaking. High quality 2″ tape costs $300 a reel because it’s become so scarce. But thanks to you we’ve been able to get all the tape we need, we’ve recorded 12 songs at Zippah Studios in Brighton, MA and now we are finishing mixing at Mad Oak in Allston.

This is the quickest turn around we’ve ever had with a project. And it’s been a blessing. We’ve had to lock in our decisions, no digital tricks, no auto-tune, this is a real and honest record. It’s caused me to look at the term “artist development” from a who different perspective. And we think you’re gonna love the final result.

Our PledgeMusic page will remain active for just one more day with full access to all the perks available. Then, as of Aug 24th, the page will switch over to a pre-order site for the new CD & Vinyl. If you’d still like to get on board and support this project take a look. Not only will you get the perks you pledge for, but you’ll also get access to exclusive content, downloads, pics and videos from the band. To support our new album click HERE.