Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

A message from our Producer…

When it came time to put the pieces in place for our new record the first call I made was to Drew Townson. Not only did Drew mix and co-produce our Tribute to Hank Williams album, but he is one of Boston’s most skilled analog producers.

For years Drew and I had talked about how cool it would be to make an entirely analog GGG album. in 2014 we even went into Zippah Studios for one day to try it out and to see how the process would work. Thankfully that day went really well and when the time came for us to buckle down and get to work on a new album, we knew that analog was the way to go.


Drew has been an active player, writer, producer, engineer and mentor for a lot of people in the Boston music scene over the years. And not only has he been a longtime member of the GGG extended family, but if you want to make an analog album, he is the guy.

He wrote a great blog about how our record has been coming along and the analog recording process that I wanted to share it with you. Check it out HERE, it’s a very good read.