Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Let’s get to 50% this week!!

Josh Kiggans....Drummer Extraordinaire

We are almost to 50% of our NEW Album Fundraising Goal. We still have a long ways to go and we still have a lot of great perks available.

Some perks are starting to run low, so if you’ve been thinking about pledging for an Autographed Drum Head, Fireworks & Alcohol Framed Print, Paul’s Bass Strings or Patriot’s Game with the Band, there are only one or two left. Be sure and get yours today.

We have also confirmed our Boston CD Release Show, which will be happening January 14th at The Sinclair. There are very limited VIP tickets available through our Pledge Campaign, so be sure to get yours today. These are going to go very fast.

Thank you so much for continuing to support GGG and for becoming a part of this project. And remember, when you pledge, you’ll get an immediate download of 5 new demo recordings. -Ward