Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

So close to 25%!! Help us make this album and let us hook you up…

We are embarking on a PledgeMusic campaign to fund the recording of our new album. The first two weeks have flown by and we are just shy of 25% of the way to our goal. The days of record labels funding artists recordings are just about over. This leaves artists to rely on their fans to help fund the costs of recording, producing and marketing of their own recordings.

Fan funding this album through PledgeMusic gives us the chance to involve the people who will be listening to this album the ability to be directly involved with its creation. It will also give you unprecedented access to the band during the recording process, including opportunities to spend the day in the studio with them, serve as Executive Producer, get your name in the liner notes and much, much more. This is really gonna be fun!

Help us make a NEW Album!!

Help us make a NEW Album!!

The band has curated some really cool, exclusive and unique experiences, impossible to find anywhere else, which exemplify the upside of the music business current state and allows the fans to take the place of the record company. You get to make this album alongside the band. The songs were written to be shared with you. Now you can be a part of the actions that will make these songs come to life on record. How cool is that?

The Narrows Center in Fall River, MA has donated a Season Pass for two, which you can Purchase Here. Anything you can do to help support this project would be appreciated. -Girls Guns & Glory