Friday, June 24th, 2016

Next Goal…40%!!!

This week we set the goal of 30% and you guys made it happen in two day!! Thank you all so much for your contribution and for becoming a part of this project. We still have a long ways to go, but this week has been very encouraging.

We have a few private parties lined up, we have a new owner for the Jaguar Guitar and two people will have their names written into new songs. Not to mention a whole lotta CDs, Vinyl and T-Shirts getting ordered.

GGG Guitar

GGG Guitar

If you’ve ever thought about having GGG rock your party, then this is the time. We have some time off this Summer and Fall, so let’s make it happen. Email me with any questions:

We also have my vintage Guild Acoustic Guitar still available. This guitar and I have a long history. It’s played hundreds of shows, written many songs and been a great guitar to pick up and just strum when hanging around the house. I would love to see this guitar go to a good home where it can see some more use or find it’s way onto display in someones music room or house concert venue.

Take a look and help us get to 40% this week. If we can make that happen we are gonna hook everyone up with yet another special bonus….a very special bonus. Thank you! -Ward