Monday, November 19th, 2012

The National Anthem at Gillette Stadium!!

Yesterday was quite a day to say the least. It started early, it ended late and it was filled with non-stop excitement.

Things started with a noontime arrival at Gillette Stadium. We set up our gear for the pre-game concert and then headed straight onto the field to soundcheck the National Anthem. As you can imagine, it was like herding cats trying to wrangle us and get us to focused on the task at hand. We were standing on the 50 yard line at Gillette Stadium for crying out loud. That is a hard place to find your focus. I just kept picturing myself hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Maybe in another lifetime!!

GGG soundcheck at Gillette Stadium

After loading up on coffee and about 1,000 sliders & chicken sandwiches, we started rockin’ the pre-game concert at 2:30. It was around 40 degrees, but having already spent about 2.5 hours outside and now being dressed in our suits, it felt like we were in the Arctic. My hands went numb about 30 seconds into the first song & I kept checking the other guys during the performance to make sure they hadn’t frozen solid.

A film crew showed up for part of the performance & as you can see in the pic, Chris was wearing fingerless gloves he was so cold. But, I think we all got a little tougher being out there in the elements for so long. Man vs Wild meet Girls Guns & Glory.

GGG pre-game concert at Gillette Stadium

For a boy who grew up in Massachusetts, singing the National Anthem at a New England Patriots game is about as good as it gets. It was simultaneously the most exhilarating, frightening and awe-inspiring moment I’ve ever experienced. I truly hope we did you all proud.

GGG - National Anthem

A tremendous thanks to Robyn Glaser for making this entire day possible and a very special event for GGG, our fans, our families and all the new people we had the chance to meet yesterday.

Here’s a cool video that includes some clips from the pre-game concert, as well as the Pats vs Colts game!!

Click HERE to check the vid!!

We leave for Europe a week from today, so be sure to follow us on Facebook to follow our European Adventure and keep in touch with us when we return back to the States!! Have a wonderful and food filled Thanksgiving and see you out on the road!! -Ward

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