Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Thanks so much!!

Thank you all so much for generously contributing to our European Adventure!!

We are so appreciative of all your wonderful support and are thrilled that we get to thank you in the best way we know how, by giving you our music.

Our new EP of all original unreleased songs is available exclusively through this campaign. And although we are standing at the brink of our goal to raise the funds for renting a tour van & musical equipment we are gonna continue this offer for the 30 days left of the campaign. Hopefully this will put new GGG music on your iPods (plus other GGG swag) and help us subsidize the cost of our plane tickets to Europe.

And from this point on 12% of all the funds raised will go directly to the ASPCA. Give the lovely animals some love :)

We have plenty of autographed CDs & posters still available, plus instrument lessons with Chris, Paul & Josh. When we tour to your town we can set up a lesson!
So, please take a look at the other exclusives like tickets to our Hank Williams Tribute, private parties and get a great GGG Christmas or Holiday gift for the music lover in your life.

If you’d like to contribute click HERE!!

Thank you again so much for helping us accomplish something exciting and special. Creating music and sharing it with you is such a rewarding gift in and of itself. It makes sleeping on floors, endless van rides & 200 some odd days away from home each year so very worth it.

Much love & be sure to tune into the Patriots vs Colts on Nov 18th, as GGG’s Ward Hayden will be doing his best to make you proud, singing the National Anthem at the game. See you out on the road. -Ward, Paul, Josh & Chris

PS – be sure to follow our European Adventure on Facebook. We’ll be posting and checking in to say hi as often as possible.

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